Sunshine Coast Minor Hockey Association

House “C” League and Initiation Development Plan

2023-2024 Hockey Season


Sunshine Coast Minor Hockey Association is thrilled to share the House “C” League, Female and Initiation Development plan for the 2023-2024 hockey season.  Each “C” team, from U11 to U18 and each Initiation team, U7 and U9, will have access to $800.00 to use towards on-ice skills development.



The purpose of the House “C” League and Initiation Development plan is to provide funding for House “C” League and Initiation teams to access and utilize the services of association-approved on-ice hockey development vendors. The goal is to provide accessible and attainable training and development opportunities for all "C" league and Initiation teams to improve their skills and performance on the ice.

  • The association will maintain a list of approved on-ice hockey development vendors that teams can access.
  • The association is responsible for ensuring that the vendor complies with the association's policies and guidelines, including those related to safety and insurance coverage.
  • Teams will be responsible for selecting an approved vendor and negotiating the terms of service directly with the vendor.
  • The team will be responsible to schedule the vendor to attend their regular practice time and to ensure that there is full participation from the players.
  • House, “C” League, and Initiation Teams must have a rostered coach at each ice time, who will supervise the vendor's service and ensure that the training sessions align with the team's goals and objectives.
  • New vendor requests must be made to the association prior to hiring, for approval to utilize any on-ice hockey development vendor who is not pre-approved.
    • Sunshine Coast Minor Hockey Association’s Director of Hockey Operations (DOHO) will verify that the selected vendor is approved and meets the association's criteria for on-ice training and development services.
  • Teams should instruct vendors to email invoices to the Treasurer for Sunshine Coast Minor Hockey Association at
    • Invoices must include: Invoice Number, Date of Development, Team Name, Head Coach, Amount and Email Address for E-Transfer payment.